''Our daughter has been in a couple of different rooms and she has always come home excited to tell us about her room leaders. You can tell they genuinely care about what she wants to say and interact with her so she feels included, safe and excited about her environment. Across the board, no matter which carer is on in the morning when we drop her off, they will immediately greet her and involve her in an activity - and she loves being able to go join in. All staff obviously care about each and every child. Thank you to each and every one!!''
Claire Schwerin

''We had looked at 5+ daycare centres before deciding to send Roman to Sunshine Coast Early Learning Maroochy. It's so hard to send your child to daycare with people who may not take care and love your child like you do. As soon as you walk into the centre you can feel the love and warmth each and every staff member has for the children. They know every child's name even if they aren't in their room and we know that we never have to worry that Roman isn't getting the care we would give him ourselves. Roman loves all the staff members and is always happy to go to them in a morning when we need to go to work. 
We cannot speak highly enough of all the ladies there and we are so so grateful for everything they do for our son. They treat him like they would their own child and who could ask for anything more. 
Thank you for the bottom of our hearts we greatly appreciate it!''

Janaya and Jake 

"My son has been attending Sunshine Coast Early Learning Maroochy since Nov 2012 when he was only 13months old. He is now 4 and has experienced the love, care, and education from the educators in all 5 rooms. Having worked in the Early Childhood profession myself, I was looking for a centre that provided the same level of professionalism, and home like environment that I always expected from the staff that I managed. I found that within the first time I left my son in the nursery room. The educators made me feel like Emerson was the only child in that room and that his needs came above all else. As a Mum that is what we want. This feeling still exists to this day 3 years later. Emerson is loved there, it is his second home and the educators are his family. He runs to them in the morning, is excited to tell them things that he has done and talks about them at home. Mother guilt is real, and all mothers feel this when they leave their baby in the care of someone else, but when you find educators that love your baby and have built a bond with your child, it makes it that much easier."
Jacinta Blanch

''We call our Hector's teacher "daycare Mummy". That is how much she means to him and us.''
Danica Park

"I'm not sure whether Mardi has mentioned this or not and I forgot to mention it last week but we both wanted to say how pleased and impressed we are that you allow or encourage the kids to do these kind of things; I doubt there'd be that many day-care centres that would not only allow 4 year olds to climb up a post to reach to put something on the roof let alone have their Director openly participating in it!!
Thanks Mari - we feel so blessed having Charley in your care."

Steve Gurr