Our Philosophy

At Sunshine Coast Early Learning Riverside we believe that all children have the right to feel emotionally safe and secure in their early childhood setting. Secure trusting relationships with educators provide children with the foundation for their successful exploration of the social and learning environment in an autonomous and independent way. The overall objective for our team is to support the child's unique attachment needs and to provide a secure base from which the child is able to explore the social and physical environment.

As a team we recognise our individual strengths and welcome and respect our differences for the integral role they play in providing a diverse and dynamic learning environment for all those involved within our community. Just as respect and integrity form the basis of our professional working relationships we extend the same professional values and responsibilities to our relationships and interactions with our families and children.
We believe 'play' is the essential learning tool for children and we provide a play based curriculum, empowering children to be confident decision-makers and guiding their individual learning journeys. Holding the belief that ''Play is the highest form of research.'' - Albert Einstein, we support the opportunity for positive, meaningful learning experiences to evolve in both individual and group settings, creating capable and involved lifelong learners.

''Families are children's first and most influential educators'' according to the Early Years Learning Framework and we believe that in order to really 'know' a child and support their learning we must know them in the context of their family, culture and community. It is extremely important to us that our families feel welcome, are respected, see themselves as members of our learning community and are empowered in their child's early childhood education and care experience.

''Children thrive when families and educators work together in partnership to support young children's learning'' - Early Years Learning Framework.

Sunshine Coast Early Learning Riverside is a learning community where children, families and educators each play a fundamental role in creating and maintaining a culture that is based on communication, respect and partnerships. As we all work, play and learn within our community we constantly challenge each other in our beliefs and current ways of thinking and doing, compelling us to move through our 'Zone of Proximal Development' Vygotsky, 1978 and encourage the development of new and exciting skills and strategies.

"Life learning is about respecting the everyday experiences that enable children to understand and to interact with the world and their culture." - Wendy Priesnitz, Editor of Life Learning Magazine.