Sunshine Coast Early Learning Riverside provides 75 placements for children aged from 6 weeks to 5 years.

Our Rooms and Indoor Learning Areas:

NURSERY - children aged 6 weeks to 15 months
Our nursery is a warm and nurturing room based on family values and partnerships. The space provides a safe environment where the children can explore and their individual needs and wants are supported.

TODDLERS - children aged 15 months to 2 years
Toddlers is a fun and exciting room to support children in their development of independence. The space provides stimulation and challenges for the future growth and development of our little individuals.

JUNIOR KINDY - children aged 2 to 3 years
In Junior Kindy the children are provided with a space that continues to support their independence and positive social interactions. The room decorations reflect the children's emerging strengths and interests and encourage imagination and creativity.

SENIOR KINDY - children aged 3 to 4 years
Senior Kindy is a natural environment where the children are supported to explore with role play and expressive arts, stimulating a range of social and emotional responses. The room is constantly evolving to ensure the children's strengths and interests are challenged daily.

KINDERGARTEN - children aged 4 to 6 years
Our Pre-school is a professional environment where the children are supported in their development as life-long learners. Through a holistic approach the children become aware of themselves, develop a sense of belonging to their environment and develop skills and understanding to support the transition to school.

Outdoor Play & Fun

Our outdoor spaces have recently undergone an amazing renovation, creating a natural environment where the children can play, explore and learn.

Bikes tracks, grassed areas and a fort allow the children to ride, run, jump and climb, supporting their physical and social growth and development.

Garden areas, including a wormery and a barnyard featuring chickens and ducks, for the children promote a sustainable approach and encourage environmental awareness.

For more information on our child care service in Maroochydore, contact us or complete our online enquiry form.